Belfast Maine Bearfest 2000

Who are the bears? Which artist created each bear
Can you match the picture of the bear with it's name?

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1. "Four Seasons Bear" Annie Earhart Gray
2. "Air Bear" William C. Klausmeyer
3. "Mama Bear" Robinsunne Sponsored by Belfast Dance Studio & Coyote Moon
4. "Great Bear Island" Chris Van Dusen Sponsored by Down East Magazine
5. "Iris" Cathy Meho
6. "Bearly Enough Time" Kimber Lee Clark & Scoff Sebold
7. "Stella" Kirsten Selfridge
8. "A Bear For All Seasons" Janice Kasper
9. "Mt. Rushbear" Gail Page
10. "Ursala" Kenny Cole
11. "Atlursa" Amy Leary
12. "Exposition of the Dietary Habits of an American Ursus" Heather Lyon
13. "Homage du Darwin" Bill Landmesser
14. "In The Belly of the Bear" Phil Whitman
15. "Henrietta, Mother Bear" Sandra Strahan
16. "Mister Ambearsador" Therese Bagnardi
17. "A Bear of Many Words" Robert Shefferly
18. "SuperNovaBear" Brian Ward
19. "Betina Bear-a-lina" Eda and Dave Benttinen
20. "Hector B. Rockwell 3rd" Ben Hall
21. "Bear's Wild Invitation" Louisa Carl
22. "Ursa" Rebecca McCall
23. "The Mummy Bear Chair Is Just Right!" Barbara Meyer
24. "Spirit of Nature Bear" Emma Finn
25. "Pole Bear" Michael Hurley
26. "Worldly Bear" Lindsay May Farris
27. "Bear With a Twist" Marcie Jan Bronstein
28. "Rockwall Bearfellow" Nancy White Sponsored by Belfast Meadow Tree Farm
29. "Tidal Bear" Alan Fishman
30. "Crybearby" Dennis Pinette. Sponsored by DownEast Energy.
31. "Blueberry, the Maine Fetish Bear" Janelle Delicata Sposored by MOSS Inc.
32. "Moss Tracks" Meredith Alex and the employees of MOSS Inc.Sponsored by MOSS Inc.
33. "Bridge Bear" David Hurley
34. "Road Kill" Wally Warren
35. "Trapped" Norman Tinker
36. "Admiral Ray Dresses up and goes out with the Chickens" Rick Cronin
37. "Janis" Lesia Sochor
38. "Bear Bro" Mark Kuzio
39. "Jet Bearplane" Tony Krenzick
40. "Michael J. Crosby" Jan Bearse. Sponsored by Crosby Manor Estates
41. "Waldo" Under the care of Cathy Melio

Note we do not have pictures of all the bears. and two bears are repeated