Tales of the Lazy Stargazer

Volume One, Number Ten

Arunah Hill Days 2002

By Alan Rifkin (The Lazy Star Gazer)

This years Arunah Hill Days, had almost perfect weather.
Viewing Thursdays was fantastic, Friday was great, and Saturday was poor, but we had a wonderful time singing old folk songs by the camp fire and drinking jello.
There was no rain at all.

Weeks before the event, the members got together and mixed up lots of concrete and poured a floor in the Pavilion and the new Kitchen area. The boy scouts did not do the cooking this year, instead club members did the cooking, and they did a great job ( sorry if I burned your hot dog)
The kitchen was open from 7 to 11, serving three meals a day. There was a large crowd of people and they almost filled the hill with campers. Two groups even showed up with buses full of kids for the event. It was the best year ever and leading the way to even greater events in the future.

Here is the link to my Arunah 2000 page, http://www.Rifkin.com/arunah/
Here is a link to Arunah's Home page http://www.arunah.org/
Here is a link to part of my collection of aerial photos of Arunah Hill http://www.rifkin.com/arunahair/

And here are thumbnails for this years event.

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