Rif's Barn Sale!Electronics

Last updated July 27,2013

I have a barn full of stuff, that looks like Warehouse 13.
I am selling off all sorts of stuff to make room for all sorts of new stuff.
Buy some new stuff from me, and I may take your old stuff in trade-in and then sell it here.
As I have time, I will keep adding stuff, there are over 3000 items in inventory that need to go.
I am selling it piece by piece or it lots for a deep discount. The more you buy the cheaper it is.
Here are listings and images of some of the things I am selling
Some of this stuff may be auctioned off on Ebay or other places
If you came here from another site, it was to get contact information and my sales terms. I have a 100% rating on Ebay, and I work hard to keep it. So I deal fairly and want to make you happy
Please don't ask me how much I want for an item, just make me an offer.
If you are interested in some of this stuff, email me Email: Barn@Rifkin.com or call 800-336-9054

About my Pictures
I do not photo shop or retouch my images. I do crop them and then reduce them to 800x600. I can send the originals on request.
For inventory control, I use a small counter. for reference it is 7/8" wide. Please reference that number in any correspondence

Payment by PayPal, certified check, credit card, wire transfer, gold bullion or money order or a 2 week wait for personal checks to clear, US Dollars only.
Paypal to alan@rifkin.com
Make checks payable to FAR.

Mail checks and money orders to:
Alan Rifkin
PO Box 10
So. Hadley MA 01075-0010

Shipped by Priority US mail.
Shipping charge: actual shipping costs, plus extra for tracking and insurance. Large items may be more.
I will ship to just about any country, as long as it is legal. Some of the technology I deal with can't be exported.
Promotional flyers $1 to put it in an envelope with cardboard + postage.
Fed-X and UPS is available as option
All Items are subject to prior sale
All Items are offered for sale As is, Where is, unless noted otherwise. You are welcome to ask me any questions about the stuff or even run tests on it.
Items shipped to Massachusetts addresses will have 6.25% sales tax added.
All Items subject to prior sale.
All Digital Images by Alan Rifkin, All Rights reserved 1999-2013

The Stuff is in Categories, either look though all of the stuff or jump down to that category
Computers Games Electronics HAM Radio Audio Astronomy and Telescopes Optical Photography Aviation Laboratory Equip. Material Odds and End

Computers & Network

Canon BJI-481 ink carts 5 pieces for Canon 100 series printers
Wescom 92-35501n-c T1 Facility looping unit
Osborne computer and parts. I was an Osborne Dealer and still have all sorts of stuff in stock.
S100 systems, yes I have tons of old S100 stuff including a beautiful IMSAI 8080 Computer
ISA board, I have lots of different ones in stock.
Old mechanical paper tape reader
486 DX20 and DX33 chips $5
3Com rack mounted modem systems, left over from the ISP.


Sega Genesis NIB
Assorted 1.003 tokens, by the pound. 50 pounds available
#47 lamps, box of 10 $2
Assorted AG3 Fuses bag of 12 $1
2 Pinball machine nixie display tubes
Step Here and Relax, Foot vibrator
LEGO Bricks and parts

Franger (generates the audio signal of a UFO shooting it's Death Ray


I have tubes of old 7400 TTL Chips. Need some?
1971 3 line Deco phone, working

HAM Radio

Sony IFC-Pro 80
Microwave parts


Medallion Under Dash 8 Track Player
1968 13" color TV ( uses vacuum tubes)

Astronomy & Telescopes

We are having a big eyepiece sale on ebay, more coming every day
You are also welcome to email me with offers and if you are looking for something special, I may not have listed yet.

Coming soon- lots and lots of filters, but I got to move the eyepieces first.

Tasco 60mm Refractor kit with tripod and almost all accessories ( solar filter and eyepieces removed) including wooden case
Meade ETX-90 EC with case and legs
Tripods and piers are all over the place. What are you looking for?


Ion beam focus assembly $50


Panasonic 600a Digital camera $80
Dark Room equipment, including trays, tanks and enlargers
Nikonos underwater camera


Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

old Water Sampling Tube
Used for sampling ocean and lake water. lower it to the depth you want, then give it a jerk to pull the cork, then the weight tube fills with water and you pull it up. Old, needs new cork.


Odds & Ends

EQUIS MetaStock Professional ver 7 software still in shrink wrap
Two tickets to the very first showing (private for employees of Lucas) of Star Wars Episode 1 (front side)
(back side)
Old beer keg hand pump


Coleman 2 burner gas stoves
Antique 2 burn gas stove that predates the Coleman ones, this is a collectors item


Scientific American
Tropical Fish Hobbiest

I have many more items for sale. I worked in computers, Video games, electronics, old integrated circuits, aviation, astronomy, and chemistry and have lots of parts and pieces of things to sell, if you don't see what you want, please email me with what you are looking for, who knows, I may even have it!
I also design, build and install Computer Systems and Telescope Systems.
Please check out the new stuff at

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