Caribbean Eclipse Expedition

To View the

Total Solar Eclipse, February 26, 1998


February 21 to March 1 1998


>From Hartford or wherever (see air travel list) we fly to Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe, via San Juan by American Airlines.( on Feb 21 ) We spend the night and pickup our sail boats the next morning at 9 AM. We sail off into the sparkling Caribbean Sea bound for the Islands, for viewing the eclipse. We will make many wonderful stops along the way.


Because anyone who has ever witnessed a Total Solar Eclipse is never the same again, and just hanging out in the Caribbean is a lot of fun. The Scuba is also great in the warm clear waters. You have been hearing about the idea of this trip for seven years. Now it is time to make plans.


Reservations for boats with the Moorings just became available and they are already sold out! I tried to rent four boats, but at this time, I could only get two and this is three years in advance! I have put deposits on the two boats (Mooring 405's which are 40 Foot, see layout). I am on a waiting list for more boats.

I must finalize plans for the trip soon. February 98 may seem like a long time away, but on a trip of this level of demand it is just around the corner. Now is the time to reserve your space for either group. There is room for ten people in each group. Send your check to me for $50 NOW to reserve your place. I am taking reservations on a first come first serve basis. Let me know if you want the Guadeloupe trip . Also indicate if you want to be placed on a waiting list or want your check returned if the trip is full. For the Guadeloupe trip, the waiting list for boats is very promising. The Moorings keeps boats for only four years and they tell me by the end of 1996 there will be more boats available in the fleet. There may even be some catamarans for you cat lovers out there.

I am trying to keep this trip small and friendly. As you can imagine this is a challenging adventure to plan so far in advance. Your $50 is all I need until it is time to make the flight arrangements in 1997. As soon as I receive your deposit, I will send you the bigger info package that comes with the boats. In the meantime if your are curious, call the Moorings 1-800-521-1126 tell them your are on a group charter to Guadeloupe and they will send you a free 60 page color brochure. Look at page 10.

how much:

(estimates in 1994 dollars with airfare based on a Hartford departure)

Group I Sailing bare boat, about $2200 per person, double occupancy (3 couples) There will be three experienced sailors . If you want to hire a professional Captain and Cook from the Moorings, the boat will accommodate only two couples as passengers and the price will be $2600 per person.

Special airfare rates arranged with the Moorings

Hartford $740

Seattle $1050

Where to reach me:

Alan Rifkin

P O Box 10

South Hadley MA 01075-0010

Phone 413-467-9825 ( Hop-Wubl ), fax 413-467-9393