Black Sun Expedition's

February 21 to March 1 1998

Caribbean Eclipse Expedition

Day 1 Saturday February 21 1998
Fly to Guadeloupe Via San Juan
Relax at the Hotel Flour De Epee

Day 2 Sunday February 22
Pick up boats , 9 AM for check out, then Noon Departure
Sail to Basse Terre

Day 3 Monday February 23
Explore town and the market and carnival

Day 4 Tuesday February 24
Sail to Anse al Barque and snorkel, Do the same at Pigeon Island
Sail on to Deshaies for the night and watch the fun as boats from all over converge on this small cove.

Day 5 Wednesday February 25
Explore sites for viewing eclipse, then go into town and maybe snorkeling

Day 6 Thursday February 26 Eclipse Day
Pack picnic lunch (chicken)
Schlep telescopes to viewing site
Watch Eclipse
Say ooh and aah and jump up and down
At Third Contact, pack up and head South to anse al Barque, arrive at sunset

Day 7 Friday February 27
Sail to Les Saintes, Terre-de-haut
Explore, and have lunch at the Saladrie

Day 8 Saturday February 28
Have warm bread and craussants delivered to boat for breakfast
Do some snorkeling
Sail to Pointe a Petre
Explore town

Day 9 Sunday March 1
Explore the Lighthouse at Ilet Gossie
Drop off boat by Noon
Catch the 4 PM flight to San Juan
Fly home

The End