If you are having trouble with email, here are some tips and you can always use web mail

I hate Outlook and Outlook Express. They are both Virus magnets and are usually more trouble than they are worth (free) unless you are using some of the special features that most people don't need or are willing to learn how to use. If you ask for help with Outlook or Outlook Express expect to get billed for my time.

I like Eudora
It is available free at Eudora.com
If you pay the extra $19.95 you get a good spam filter

When setting up Eudora, a trick I use is to change the program and data folder to c:\eudora
That makes the program very portable and you can them move it from computer to computer with no trouble. Something that is impossible to do with Outlook.


When I set up your mail box, I asked you for a password.
They are case sensitive, so if you type it it in the wrong case, it wont work.
For security reasons, so that only you have access to your email, I DO NOT SAVE YOUR PASSWORDS ANYWHERE.
If you forget it. I can not retrieve it for you and have to install a new password. Expect to get billed for a new password.

Web Mail

You can click here to get to the web mail program.
Please remember to log out after you are finished.
Web mail

Note* if you set your web mail to use a bulk mail filter instead of marking mail as spam, the bulk mail folder can fill up and when it does, you email will shut down from overload.
You have to go and empty it manually. That is why I don't recommend using it.

Setting up your email account
We use POP mail not IMAP
when setting up your email account, your log in name is your whole email address in lower case.
Your password is the one you gave me and it is case sensitive.
Your incoming mail comes from our POP3 servers, the name is mail.domain.ext
So I use mail.rifkin.com ( all lower case)

Sending mail is the problem. Most ISP (and all are now supposed to) block access to foreign mail SMTP servers, so you now have to relay though the one belonging to your ISP/cable/DSL supplier.

You can try using the same thing as the POP3 server, but it probably wont work.
You can also try changing your SMTP port to 80 and use our SMTP server smtpout.secureserver.net

If you don't know who your ISP is first get your real IP number by going to this site
Your IP number
Then take that number and use it to lookup your real ISP with ARIN.
ARIN Lookup
RIPE Whois Europe
APNIC Whois Asian Pacific

Here is a list of some SMTP servers
Use these to send mail, by putting it in the SMTP or outgoing mail server field of your email program.


Bell South




Choice One


Granby Telephone and Telegraph

The SMTP server is a configuration setting within all pop E-mail applications. When using a pop E-mail application such as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Mail, Netscape, Thunderbird etc. The SMTP server setting must be configured correctly or outgoing mail will not be sent. (Normally, checking mail will still work if the SMTP server is not configured correctly within your pop mail application).
Carrier Server Address
Adelphia mail.adelphia.net
America Online (AOL) smtp.aol.com
Atlantic Broadband smtp.atlanticbb.net
AT&T (Broadband) mail.attbi.com
AT&T (Dialup) smtp1.attglobal.net
AT&T Worldnet mailhost.worldnet.att.net or imailhost.worldnet.att.net
BCPL mail.bcpl.net
Bellatlantic gtei.bellatlantic.net or smtpout.verizon.net>
Bellatlantic.net smtpout.bellatlantic.net
Bellsouth mail.bellsouth.net
Bestweb smtp.bestweb.net
BEV smtp.bev.net
Blacksburg smtp.blacksburg.net
Blazenet smtp.blazenet.net
Cable One mail.cableone.net
CAIS smtp.cais.net
CAPU smtp.capu.net
Charm.net smtp.charm.net
Charter Communications smtp.charter.net
Citizen's Internet smtp.swva.net
Comcast smtp.comcast.net
Compuserve smtp.compuserve.com or smtp.site1.csi.com
Concentric.net smtp.concentric.net
Covad smtp.covad.net
Cox West smtp.west.cox.net(west coast users)
Cox Central   smtp.central.cox.net (central users)
Cox East   smtp.east.cox.net(east coast users)
Cox Business smarthost.coxmail.com
Crosslink smtp.crosslink.net
DCANET smtp-relay.dca.net
Delmarva Online mail-gw.dmv.com
Delta Net smtp.deltanet.com
Direcway smtp.direcway.com
DSL Extreme smtp.dslextreme.com
Earthlink Network mail.earthlink.net or smtp.earthlink.net
Earthlink Network
(International only)
Edge.net mail.edge.net
Enter smtp.enter.net
EROLS mail.erols.com
Ezy smtp.ezy.net
Flashcom mail.flashcom.net or smtp.flashcom.net
Frontline.net smtp.fcc.net
Full Channel smtp.fullchannel.net
Gateway.net smtp.Gateway.net
GTI mail.gti.net
HotMail mail.hotmail.com
IBM.Global net smtp1.ibm.net
ioNet Inc mail.ionet.net
Integra smtp.integra.net
Interaccess.com smtp.interaccess.com
Internet America mail.airmail.net
Internet Highway smtp.ihwy.com
ITOL mail.itol.com
Juno smtp.juno.com
Mediacom mail.mchsi.com
Mediaone.net smtp.ce.medione.net
MegaPath mail.megapathdsl.net
MCI mailrelay.mciworldcom.net mailrelay.internetmci.com
Mindspring smtp.mindspring.com
MSN smtp.email.msn.com
Nauticom mail.nauticom.net
Netcom smtp.ix.netcom.com
Netcom (Canada) smtp.netcom.ca
Netscape smtp.isp.netscape.com
NetZero smtp.netzero.net
NYU.edu smtp.nyu.edu
OLG.com mail.olg.com
Omega Communications smtp.i-plus.net
OPTOnline Internet Service mail.optonline.net
Pacbell mail.pacbell.net
Patriot Media smtp.patmedia.net
PeoplePC Online mail.peoplepc.com
Pipeline smtp.pipeline.com
Prodigy smtp.prodigy.net
PSI.net relay.smtp.psi.net
PTD.net promail.ptd.net port 25
QIS mail.qis.net
Qwest Internet Service pop.dnvr.qwest.net
RCN smtp.rcn.com
Rider.edu enigma.rider.edu
RoadRunner smtp-server.<your-region>.rr.com
SBC Global smtp.sbcglobal.net
SBC Global Yahoo smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
Smallville Communications   mail.toto.net
SNiP mail.snip.net
Spectrum DSL mail.webstable.com
SprintLink smtp.a001.sprintmail.com
Sprynet m6.sprynet.com
Starpower smtp.starpower.net
Sympatico mailhost.sk.sympatico.ca
UMBC smtp.gl.umbc.edu
USA.NET mail.netaddress.usa.net
US Internet smtp.usit.net
UUNet mail.uu.net
Verizon Internet Services outgoing.verizon.net or smtpout.verizon.net
Wide Open West smtp.mail.wideopenwest.com
XO Communications mail.njd.xo.com or smtp.concentric.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Ziplink smtp.ziplink.net
Please call to learn more about our email hosting services

Another thing to try
exit out of Eudora
find a file called "esoteric.epi" it should be in your \Eudora\extrastuff folder
and copy it to your \Eudora folder
Restart Eudora
and change
the smtp port from 25 to 3535 or 80
and move up to "getting started" and change the SMTP server to

For More instructions and other email programs click here

more coming
. Last updated Dec. 21, 2006