Trick or Treat or April Fool, Relax this is a very old internet joke. The group of characters at the end of the line are called an Emoticon. This one is a wink, you look at it with you head tilted. ;-) is called wink and it is internet slang for a joke. I can not really get at all the files in your computer, well actually I can, but that is not what I am doing in this case. I am using a trick of Internet Explorer to just show you what is in your own computer, nothing is being sent to me. Even if it were, with a regular modem if would take over a week for your computer to upload all this stuff into my server and I don't want it, I already have too much junk in it. I will suggest you get yourself a good fire wall and some good Anti-Virus software and keep them up to date, because what hackers can't do today, they may be able to do tomorrow


:-) :) Smiling

;-) ;) Winking

:-D Laughing

:-/ Scowling

:-O Surprise, Shock

>:-( Angry

:-( Unhappy

:-p Sticking out your tongue

:<}) User with mustache, smiling

:-|| Mad

:-( Sad

:' -( Crying

:~ Also crying

:-)) Really happy

:-D Big grin

:-* A kiss

:-P~ A lick

:-o Wow! or I'm surprised

:-| Grim

:-P Sticking out your tongue

:-\ User happens to be Popeye

:-/ Perplexed

=:O Frightened (hair standing on end)

=8O Bug-eyed with fright

:-} Embarassed smile

:-)<>>>>> Basic Smiley with a necktie

;-^) Tongue in cheek

%*@:-( Hung over

:-~~~ Drooling

>:) Perplexed look

.) Keeping an eye out for you

8:-) Glasses on forehead

8:] Normal smiling face of a gorilla

0:-) Angel

[:-|] Robot

(:V) Duck

3:-o Cow

:-[ Vampire

(_8-(|) Homer Simpson

C|:-= Charlie Chaplin

=|:-)= Abe Lincoln

*<:-) Santa Claus

-:-) User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T

(:)-) Scuba diver

:-'| User has a cold

:-{} User with heavy lipstick

:-)8 User is well dressed

>:-< Mad

*#:-) Scotsman wearing his Scottish tam

%-^ User is another Picasso

#-) User partied all night

<:I Dunce

:-| " Have an ordinary day!" Smiley

:}{: Kisses (stolen from June bug)

oooo(0) (0)oooo Toes

(-_-) Secret smile

#.-o "Oh, nooooooo Mr. Bill!!!"



AFAIK As far as I know

BTW By the way

DS Dip Stick

FWIW - for what it's worth

GMTA Great minds think alike.

HTH Hope this helps

IMHO In my humble opinion

IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion

IMO In my opinion

IOW In other words

LOL Laughing out loud

OTOH - on the other hand

NEI Not Enough Information

PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

PITA Pain in the Ass


ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing

ROFLOL Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

RTFM Read the F*** manual!

TIA Thanks In Advance

WYGAM When You Get A Minute

YMMV Your mileage may vary

{g} Grin

{BG} Big grin




Military Terms

SNAFU Situation Normal All F$%^ed Up

FUBAR F$%&ed Up Beyond All Repair

SOB Souls On Board an aviation term for the number of living people on a plane


I think the idea of these abbreviations developed before the days when

telephones were in every home, and people used telegrams. e.g.

BURMA Be upstairs, ready, my angel.

NORWICH (k)nickers off, ready, when I get home.

DFL (dead f$%& last) sailboat racing term