Registry of Astronomical Events- New England

Last updated April 3, 2004

No more updates, why?
The Registry of Astronomical Events in New England, was a good idea I had, and a lot of work on my part.
I tried for a year to collect information on all the astronomical events happening in the New England area. I needed a little support from the different clubs in the area to make the project work. Unfortunately most clubs did not give me any. I liked the idea of the calendar, but have given up on this one. I want to thank all those who did give me support.

The idea of the calendar is too important to let die, so I am working on a new project. The area is a little smaller, Western Massachusetts, but the scope is larger, all events, with subcategories. The difference is that before I did all the work. Now I invite any organization to maintain their own calendar here.
The address of the new calendar is
Please email with any comments to:

Astronomy Organizations in New England

Those with a Star *, supported RAE-NE
5As * Amherst Area Amateur Astronomers Association Amherst Ma
AA * Astronomy Association
AAS   Aldrich Astronomical Society
Arunah * Arunah Hill Natural Science Center Commington Ma
ASGH   Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford Hartford Ct
ASNH   Astronomical Society of New Haven New Haven Ct
ASNNE   Astronomical Society of Northern New England
ASSNE * Astronomical Society of Southern New England
ATMoB   Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston Boston Ma
BUAS   Boston University Astronomical Society Boston Ma
Con * Connecticut River Valley Astronomer's Conjunction
FCAC   Five College Astronomy Club W. Ma Ma
KAA   Keene Amateur Astronomers Keene NH
MHAA   Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association   NY .
MMA   Maria Mitchell Association
NHAS   New Hampshire Astronomical Association   NH
NSAAC   North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club
PAC   Pittsfield Astronomical Club Pittsfield Ma
RAC   Rockland Astronomy Club
SAS   Syracuse Astronomical Society   NY
Sky   Rhode Island Skyscrapers   RI
STARS * Springfield Telescope and Reflector Society Springfield Ma
STM * Springfield Telescope Makers Springfield Vt
TAAS   Thames Amateur Astronomical Society
VAS * Vermont Astronomical Association   VT
WAS   Westport Astronomical Society Westport Ct
For more clubs check out Yahoo list of Clubs
For a list of All the Observatories in New England

The Calendar

W= Weather: N= Not effected, C= Canceled if inclement, R= Rain date, check web site for details
Type: A=Astronomical Event, P=Public Event, No Fee, $=Public event, fee, M=Club Event, Members only. MG=Members and Guests, O= Other (see web site)
Red means there is a date conflict.

Click here for weekly and monthly repeating events

Month Day DoW Time State Type W Description Hosting Org.
2004     2004       2004  
Aug 13 Fri 10:00 AM Vt $ n Stellafane STM
Aug 14 Sat All day Vt $ n Stellafane STM
2005     2005       2005  
2006     2006       2006  
March 29         c Total Solar Eclipse, not visible here, Turkey, Africa  

Repeating Events

Months DoW Time State Type W Description Hosting Org. Contact Email
April - Nov Sat 1:00 PM Ma p c Amherst Solar Observing 5As
April - Oct Sat 3:00 PM Ma p c A-Z Solar Observing 5As
June Fri Dusk Vt p c Public observation nights, every Friday evening in June VAS
            Parking lot of the Vermont Community Botanical Gardens, 1100 Dorset    
June and July                
  Wed Evening Vt p n Mirror making classes VAS
Sept Fri Dusk Vt p c Public observation nights, every Friday evening in Sept VAS
Sept-April Sat 9:00 PM Ma p n Free Public Planetarium Shows 5As
March - Dec Sat 9:00 PM Ma p c Free Public Observatory Observing 5As
April - Nov Sun Sunset Ma p c Mt. Pollux Observing 5As
All Year Sat 7:00 PM Ma p n ASSNE Monthly Meeting, every 2nd Saturday ASSNE
Sept - June Fri 7:30 PM Ma $ n First Friday, Stars over Springfield STARS
Sept-May Tue 7:30 PM Ma p n 4th Tuesday, Monthly mmeting and Lecture STARS

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