Pilot's Toy Box Contents

Toy Box


1. Icom A20 Hand held Com and Nav Radio accessories not shown- head set adapter and spare alkaline battery pack, because you can never trust NiCads

2. Garmin GPS-89 this is a backup GPS

3. Icom R-1 Uniband Radio (covers one band, 150 KHz to 1.2 GHz with no gaps. No longer available for sale in the US, because it receives cell phones, military and everyone's radio transmissions) it even picks up transponders. Very useful when you are based at a military field for picking up the rest of the traffic.

4. Sony Cell Phone for calling flight service.

5. HP Pocket PC with modem for getting DUATS, nav software, weather software, and weight and balance software.

6. Tolman Pocket Digital Altimeter/Barometer

7. Wayfinder Outback Digital Compass

8. Dwyer Anemometer (wind speed) a digital one is on my list to Santa

9. 2 Taylor Thermometers One is wet bulb, so they can be used together as a sling Psychrometer, with the software in the pocket computer, can give you some decent meteorological information.

10 Maglite Solitaire Flashlight Works great under watch band, as hand held light.

11. Mini Red LED Flashlight When you need some red light.

12. Pocket Rain Poncho When everything else fails, at least I am dry.

Well, that's what I keep in my toy bag. I also carry a Ditching Kit, an Emergency kit, a First Aid kit, a backup Battery pack, plenty of spare batteries and a RON Bag. Not to mention my flight bag with more charts and flashlights. If you can think of anything else useful or not, that I can add to it let, me know. Now all I need is the room for some passengers...

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